Some Interesting Resources for Art

There are lots of places on the internet for information about Art and Art History. Here are some of my favorites.



This is my Youtube Channel. I make videos about art. 



Perhaps my best video for ToK purposes. 


The Art Assignment

This is the single best resource for Art as an Area of Knowledge on the internet, and I say that as a competing YouTuber. You should look at her full library. 


Crash Course

The Crash Course Philosophy playlist has a few good videos on aesthetics. 


TEDed Videos

I've written a few TEDed Videos on art as well. This one is my favorite, but you can also go to the full playlist here


PBS IDEA Channel

The PBS IDEA Channel, while it was running, gave us a great model for Theory of Knowledge Presentations. Here's on on the state of the art gallery. 


PBS IDEA Channel:

Because I love them so much, here is another one. 


PBS IDEA Channel:

OK, one more. 


12 Tone

12 Tone does music theory and he does it very well. This video is about the philosophy of aesthetics through music. 


PBS IDEA Channel

I'm sorry. I just think he's a really great model for the ToK presentation. Here's a video to watch after you finish the 12 Tone video above. 

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